Ms. Hayley Roe, Waterford.

“I’ve been visiting Anthony since before Christmas after an injury to my knee that wouldn’t heal. I couldn’t recommend him more. Before treatment I couldn’t make it up the stairs without severe pain and walking was a struggle. Anthony got me back moving 100% and completely pain free! The atmosphere in the clinic is always warm and welcoming and Kate makes the booking process very easy and flexible. Thank you so much guys for helping me out!”

Ms. Patricia Shannon, Arthurstown, Co. Wexford.

“I've had a pain in my hip since last October, I couldn’t weight bear on it properly. I was recommended Anthony and after only 4 sessions I am completely pain free and couldn’t be happier. I can't recommend Anthony enough - very professional and friendly.”

Mr. Jason Ryan, Ferrybank, Waterford.

“I've had back problems on and off for the last few years so I went to see Anthony in Advance Physio, and my back has never been better. I couldn't recommend him enough.”

Ms. Stacey Barry, Waterford.

“What an amazing place. I have suffered with back pain for many years. I went to physio in South Africa many times and it was extremely painful. Anthony is amazing, you are in no pain while he is busy with you. I sleep better and can move better after going to him.”

Ms. Louise Doyle, Waterford.

“I started visiting Anthony for neck pain and headaches a year ago. I completed a treatment plan with Anthony, which eliminated my long-standing pain. I now visit Anthony a number of times throughout the year for maintenance treatments. I have tried many different practitioners over the years, but have finally found a practice that has helped me. Anthony and Kate are so great to deal with, and often accommodate me with last minute appointments. Anthony has also helped my son after a calf injury, and my husband with chronic knee pain. We highly recommend Advance Physio!”

Ms. Mags O’Riordan, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

“I started seeing Anthony for a chronic back problem last September. I had been having issues since 2010, getting progressively worse over time. Advance Physio offer a different approach to care - educating me as to what was causing the issues and giving me exercises that keep my back healthy. I go back every month for a tune up and can happily say I haven't had a major back problem in nearly a year. Anthony and Katie are always really friendly and helpful which is just the icing on the cake. I highly recommend Advance Physio for back issues, general wellbeing and a top class service.”

Ms. Carmel McGrath, Waterford.

“After a course of treatment with Anthony I am now free from pain!!!! Following an accident 20 years ago, and intermittent problems since, I decided I had had enough!!! So I went along to Anthony, followed his advice and have never felt better!!! His treatment is amazing as are the results!!! The premises is bright and fresh, and Kate (the receptionist) is an absolute pet!!! I totally recommend Advance Physio Waterford.”

Ms. Charlene O’Sullivan, Waterford.

“I couldn't recommend Advance Physio enough! I have been to many physios but he is the first to give me substantial results. Your physio appointment is short and to the point allowing you to fit it into any sort of busy schedule. He listens to your needs and won't stop helping until you get the results you want. I have had many issues with my knees to my neck and back, which Anthony has thankfully fixed. Not to forget Kate at reception who is always so friendly, professional and a pleasure to deal with. A great place for anyone to go as I guarantee you will not be disappointed!”

Mr. Jonathan Yoder, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.

“I am a 41-year-old active male and could barely stand or walk without agony. After a few gentle treatments by Anthony, I was pain free! Especially like his target of curing the source of the issue. Couldn't recommend any higher!”

Mr. Garry Whyte, Waterford.

“I've been going to Advance Physio with the last 4 weeks with severe sciatica on my left leg caused by a bulging disc. Anthony worked on the problem areas and I have not felt as good in a while.”

Ms. Olivia Roche, Waterford.

“I've been going to Anthony for treatment for the last 4 weeks and I could not recommend him enough. I went into Anthony with stiff neck pain, shoulder pain and arm tightness, which was causing me problems throughout my everyday activities. Anthony was able to find the source of my pain and the effects it was having on other parts of my body during my day one assessment. On day two he walked me through my results and started my treatment right away where I felt a huge difference. Anthony has been very attentive and helpful throughout my treatment and is always available to answer any questions I have. The clinic is also in a good location with easy to find parking and offers appointments in the evening so you don't have to miss work. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who feels they need physio.”

Ms. Rose Ryan, New Ross, Co. Wexford.

“I just want to thank Anthony, I had back and neck pain, he is a brilliant physio. Don't know myself now. I would recommend him to anyone. Well worth the visit. Thanks again Anthony.”

Mr. Philip Fitzgerald, Waterford.

“Had a back problem last year, Anthony sorted me right out.”

Ms. Christine Browne, Waterford.

“Thank you Anthony for doing a great job of fixing my back, all that persistent pain gone! From the quick response to the always excellent and friendly staff, I would recommend Advance Physio Waterford to anyone putting up with unnecessary back pain.”

Mr. Brian Whelton, Waterford.

“Thank you Anthony for doing a great job of fixing my back, all that persistent pain gone! From the quick response to the always excellent and friendly staff, I would recommend Advance Physio Waterford to anyone putting up with unnecessary back pain.”

Ms. Andreina Waugh, Waterford.

“I have had back issues for a long time. I have gone down all the usual routes, got sorted for a while then in pain again! I ended up trying Anthony in Advance Physio after 3 years of pain from what others has said was bursitis in my hip joint in a number of places,and the constant nagging pain in my back. When I got up one morning and decided I wanted to shoot myself because of the pain I knew it was time to look again to find someone to help!! After being left black and blue and in pain from other physios and other treatments, only to find when the pain went from treatments, I was still in pain with my back and hip!!! So that’s how I ended up with Advance Physio! 18 months since my last visit and pain free all that time! Needless to say I am delighted as I thought I had to put up with the pain for the rest of my life! Went yesterday to have an overhaul and make sure it stays that way, when Anthony reminded me it was 18 months since I had been!!! When you’re in pain it seems to go on forever! When you’re out of pain you forget and when it starts again it seems like it had not stopped!!! Money well spent and no bruising from treatments. Took a little while to kick in but it’s like peeling an onion layer by layer. Anthony told me how it worked, what to expect, and it encouraged me, as it happened as he said, so I knew it was working. Kate was a pleasure to deal with, always helpful with appointments. Anthony got me out of pain so what can I say but thank you. Would highly recommend going here after my experience with back and hip pain, to becoming pain free.”

Mr. Douglas Roe, Waterford.

“Started having an issue with my shoulder a while back where I couldn’t lift it higher than my neck without pain, clicking, or cracking. It affected me in work and in my hobbies. My doctor initially wanted to send me for an MRI, but did suggest a physio as well. After a little googling, I found Anthony’s practice and came highly recommended from friends too. I wasn’t disappointed. Very polite and professional describes them perfectly. Kate at the desk is very helpful and informative, and a pleasure to talk to. Anthony was quick to diagnose my issue, and subsequent treatments have resulted in massive improvement in my shoulder. I have full use of it with no pain, no clicking or cracking, and only catches once in a while. I cannot recommend them enough if you need a physio!”

Ms. Christine Quinn, Waterford.

“Fantastic physio sessions with Anthony have to say after having pain in my neck for a long time it's great that the pain is finally gone - thanks again.”

Ms. Annette Phelan, Waterford.

“I was suffering badly with chronic knee pain, stiffness and on weight bearing pain. Pain was torture. I was taking a lot of O.T.C painkillers with little effect. Then I decided to attend Anthony Phelan at Advance Physio. In the beginning, I went for treatment twice a week. As I started to feel less pain after a few weeks, I was then able to cut back to once a week for treatment. Anthony gave me low impact exercises to do at home, which I found also helped very much. I was then able to cut back on painkillers, move better, and move pain free. I found Advance Physio had a pleasant atmosphere, very helpful with getting appointments that suited me. I recommend anyone to go here and have no hesitation going back to him again myself as got great relief.”

Mr. Thomas O’Leary, Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny.

“I had pain in my lower back for a few weeks before I went to Anthony at his clinic, in Waterford. He gave me a thorough assessment, which identified the cause of my pain and how it was going to be treated. I was given exercises to do every day, and with the treatments I got every week when I visited the clinic, I could feel the pain easing every week. I went for just over 5 weeks and in the last week the pain was totally gone. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone I know with any back pain.”

Ms. Julie O’Keeffe, Waterford.

“I started getting physio with Anthony a few months ago and at the time when it began I could barely walk with back pain and severe sciatica pains and nerve damage down my right leg. Anthony advised me to come for physio three times a week for a few weeks to get to the root of the problem, which was my right hip and two middle discs in my back. Being honest, I was skeptical at the beginning and this was only because I had tried everything to fix my back and had paid so much money on other people to fix me and it made no difference. I started to notice a relief in the pain in my leg first after maybe two weeks and then gradually my back became better and better as the weeks passed. The pain eased significantly until there was none anymore, and I could once again walk and do housework, work, and do all the things I used to do without pain. Also, I was taking a lot of strong anti-inflammatory and prescription painkillers, which made me feel awful, and I am now not taking any. I have nothing but positive words to say about Advance Physio.”

Ms. Jessica O’Keeffe, Waterford.

“I went to Anthony a couple of weeks ago with back problems, after just a few weeks the pain is gone and I feel like myself again. I was able to go back to work a week after my treatment began. Advance Physio is a very friendly and welcoming place where your problems are heard and dealt with accurately, I highly recommend to go there as you will receive a high standard of care.”

Ms. Emma Murphy, Waterford.

“Anthony fixed my back pain which I had for almost a year in a couple of sessions! I feel completely back to normal, couldn't recommend more!”

Mr. Maxine Lerouge, Waterford.

“I went in as I had a lower back pain, in 2 sessions and exercises to do myself it was gone! I am now fully recovered with no pain at all so I would highly recommend Anthony, he is very competent and friendly.”

Mr. Arnolt Leka, Waterford.

“Very happy with the end result. I went to the clinic with neck, arm and shoulder pain and walked out of it pain free. Staff are amazing. Highly recommend it.”

Ms. Hazel Kennedy, Waterford.

“I suffered with my back for a great number of years but Anthony in Advance Physio sorted my problem. I noticed some difference even on the first visit and just got better with each visit. My knees and back never felt better, I am feeling like a young one again.”

Ms. Ann Kelly, Waterford.

“Had great difficulty walking, especially in the morning due to constant pain in heel over a long period of time.With a few sessions Anthony had my heel pain free and has remained so.I also had a persistent shoulder problem, again I am pain free, many thanks to Anthony. I would definitely recommend people with skeletal problems to attend Advance Physio.I found the whole experience very friendly and Anthony very approachable and listened to me. Kate was very friendly and helpful.The whole environment was comfortable and reassuring.”

Mr. Alex Ingman, Waterford.

“Had about 6 or 7 sessions. My back and neck pain is cured. Anthony and staff are really friendly and I would highly recommend their services.”

Mr. Daniel Hoban, Passage East, Co. Waterford.

“I would like to say a huge thanks to Anthony Phelan. I had a road traffic accident many years ago and since then I have suffered lower back pain which had grown progressively worse over the past few years, to the point where I would be out of action and in complete agony for days. My profession is a mechanic so my job involves bending, lifting, pulling, pushing and working above my head daily. All of which can be strenuous. Since attending Anthony, I can gladly say that real progress has been made.... that excruciating shot of pain when I bent down or moved a certain way has not resurfaced. I have kept up my exercises and I honestly haven't had any problems since. Thanks again Anthony - and to anyone reading this, I would have no hesitation recommending Anthony at Advance Physio Waterford.”

Ms. Rachael Egan, Waterford.

“I went to Anthony with a repeat lower back injury from years ago and found him very professional, great to explain the source of the problem and how treatment would proceed. My injury was able to be solved in a few sessions with no issues since.”

Mr. John Doyle, Waterford.

“I went to Advance Physio when I got sciatica. I have to say, from walking in the front door to talk to Kate, to meet with Anthony, and go through the plan of what was wrong and where to start, to the end result 8 weeks afterwards is unbelievable. They managed to get me from a guy who had to get a lift to the sessions, to being able to drive myself. The five stars I put on this post and my words probably don’t even give the guys the justice they deserve for the incredible work they do and always with a smile on their face and an ear to listen to you. They allow you time to say what you want before giving you an answer, I cannot say it enough if you have back problems here is the place you need to go to.”

Ms. Gillian Diola, Waterford.

“My back pain is sorted. Exceptional professional care.”

Ms. Nina Daly, Waterford.

“I went to Anthony with leg pain. I could not stand or walk for more than 10 minutes at a time. My leg would go rigid and I had to stop. This made everyday tasks very difficult. Anthony diagnosed the area causing the trouble, and after a few sessions with Anthony and some simple exercises I can walk and stand for much longer periods of time. And I am still improving.”

Mr. Tim Carroll, Newrath, Co. Kilkenny

“I found Anthony to be highly competent and professional. He has an amazing understanding of physiology and the practicalities of healing injuries. The pain in my knee, which had bothered me for months, and prevented me from training, was healed after 2 visits. I can highly recommend the team at Advance Physio.”

Mr. Eric Baldwin, Tramore, Co. Waterford.

“I went to Anthony in Advance Physio with multiple issues including my back and hip which had been ongoing for a while. After completing my treatment plan with Anthony those issues have been resolved! Couldn’t be happier to finally have those issues cleared up and to be pain free. The customer service in Advance Physio is top notch and booking appointments is made easy. Highly recommend!”

Mr. Abideen Amoo, Waterford.

“Before attending Advance Physio I felt like I was not existing and scared of permanent injury. The pain made me lose control of my life. I couldn’t sleep at night-time and couldn’t wake up at an appropriate time either. After the treatment, I was happy. The treatment gave me back my life and confidence. In many cases, injury is not permanent and is not the end of a normal life. We just need to get to the right place for treatment and get back on our feet. I would encourage anyone around who needs a physio to visit Advance Physio and thank me later. I am a living witness.”

Ms. Pascalle Bifolchi, Ferrybank, Waterford.

“When I arrived to Advance Physio I experienced a particularly bad backache. My back would lock completely, it was agony to do almost anything. Pain when I bent forward, stretched, even breathed! I would not turn over in bed, was in agony trying to get out of bed. Tasks like sweeping the floor, picking up things from the floor, driving, getting pants/socks/shoes on was a painful ordeal for me. On one occasion I was crying in pain on the phone to my mother. This level of pain first appeared before Christmas, then improved somewhat before coming back in late April with an intensity I have never experienced before. I thought my back was broken and paralyzed. I could not stand for any length of time and walking was a trial, as well as sitting and getting up again.
The improvement after starting treatment was very rapid. The first thing I noticed was my ability to lie on my back at night without any back or hip pain which I could not do for many years. I also noticed that it was easier to maintain a better posture i.e. standing and walking straight. Pain in doing everyday things just disappeared. I am now able to stand for longer periods and walk for a long time without any major pain or discomfort. A big improvement in carrying and lifting things too. Normal tasks do not tend to trigger pain any longer. I can now drive, get dressed, bend forward and twist, do house chores and turn around in bed comfortably. I make sure I carry out the simple exercises Anthony recommended every day knowing they help to ward off any reoccurrence in my pain problems.
I found the treatment sessions very helpful in my working on my particular problem areas. I could feel the relief in the next days, I found Anthony most professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and well mannered at all times. His kind and friendly manner put me at ease. I have recommended Advance Physio to several people and I am thankful to have found it myself. Great practice.”

Mr. Vincent Bradley, Waterford.

“Before my treatment at Advance Physio Waterford, I had been experiencing back pain on and off for a couple of years. When it got to the point where I struggled to get out of a chair, I knew I had to get professional advice! From my first visit, Anthony explained my situation and treatment in easy-to-understand terms and over the course of a few weeks and regular visits – I noticed a clear improvement. Since my treatment, I have not experienced anything like the pain and difficulty I had before. I believe this is the result of an effective course of physio, and also the small changes I have made as suggested by Anthony.”

Mr. John Costello, Waterford.

“Periodic pain in my shoulder and in my knees when cycling. From the treatment I received at Advance Physio the pain disappeared. Anthony noticed my stance was not straight and largely fixed that.”

Mr. Timmy Counihan, Kilmeaden, Co. Waterford.

“The neck pain I was experiencing had been getting worse over time. It was making sleeping and exercising difficult and was having a negative impact on my general quality of life. It was at this stage that I decided to get treatment at Advance Physio. The results were immediate, the neck pain I had been experiencing was gone following the intensive treatment I received. Sleeping and exercising is much easier now that the niggling pain is gone. Anthony, Kate and all the staff at Advance Physio are very welcoming and professional. The treatment plan was explained fully following a detailed investigation of the issue. The treatment resolved the issue and I would highly recommend Advance Physio to anyone suffering from pain or injury.”

Ms. Margaret Coyne, Waterford.

“When I came in just before Christmas, I could hardly walk, with a couple of sessions my pain had eased so much that I have hardly any pain now. I would highly recommend anyone to go with back problems. I am feeling a lot better now, the staff are always very understanding and helpful.”

Ms. Valerie Crowe, Dunkitt, Co. Kilkenny.

“Before visiting Advance Physio I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. I was finding it particularly difficult when climbing stairs and trying to walk down the stairs. I had what I would call a gripping pain in my hip and lower back, which went down into my legs. It certainly got a lot easier using the stairs. The pain was less intense after a couple of visits to physio. I was given some exercise to do at home and found them good. If at times I feel any kind of discomfort, I do these exercises and they help. I certainly feel I received good treatment at Advance Physio. I have recommended this practice to others and will continue to do so.”

Ms. Theresa Dunne, Waterford.

“I went to Advance Physio because I had twisted my knee and I had difficulty walking. Since attending Advance Physio I now have freedom walking. Advance Physio has a very pleasant atmosphere and Anthony is most helpful.”

Ms. Anna Gadzilli, Kill, Co. Waterford.

“Before I started treatment with Advance Physio, I had to always take days off from my job because of the pain in my back. It was hard to move, pick things up, lift or push things. Since having the treatment, I am happy. I would say all of the pain is gone, now I can work and move freely. I recommend Advance Physio to everyone because it changed my life and saved my job.”

Mr. Ciaran Kelly, Tramore, Co. Waterford.

“Before my treatment at Advance Physio I was out of work due to my injury. I was having difficulty sleeping, performing some everyday tasks and even driving because I was finding it hard getting in and out of my car. I also found that my back was extremely stiff,I felt an immediate improvement after just my first session. As my treatment went on I felt a constant improvement. I was able to quickly get back to work, driving and didn’t have trouble sleeping. Throughout the treatment, Anthony was extremely thorough and helpful and explained everything along the way. He is also extremely friendly, professional and easy to talk to. He listened to any questions or queries I had and answered them all and adjusted the treatment accordingly. Since my treatment finished a few months ago I’ve had no trouble with my back. Everything about my treatment was excellent. It’s easy to make an appointment, easy to find the clinic and parking right outside. Kate is extremely friendly and helpful and answered any questions I had. Anthony is also extremely friendly. The pretreatment and posture analysis very good. Also, it was very helpful to receive a talk from Anthony before the treatment, which explained what the treatment entailed and how the back is structured. Since my treatment finished I have been contacted multiple times which is very nice and shows that they care.”

Mr. Pat Kennedy, Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford.

“I was in constant pain, couldn’t drive, work or sleep properly. Found it difficult to perform normal daily tasks. I felt my athletics career was over. I was 80% pain free after the first treatment. At the end of the first month I was totally pain free and back in full training. I am looking forward to this year’s season. All my treatments were explained and in a relaxed, professional manner.”

Mr. Derry Kiely, Dunhill, Co. Waterford.

“Pain and swelling are a thing of the past. The improvement in the flexion of my right knee means that I can again do simple things like put on a sock whilst standing on my good leg. I can get into the car and come down the stairs normally. Previously, for 18 holes of golf whilst doable, meant a painful night’s sleep afterwards. Now, I can play days in succession without a reaction. I had given up on the notion of running my second marathon but I’m strongly considering it again. The fact that my job requires me to be on my feet for most the day meant that the pain and swelling were inevitable at the end of every day. At times, I couldn’t sleep due to the constant dull pain. I even developed a limp due to the fact that I compensated in the way I walked over a period of time. Prior to Advance Physio, I was resigned to the fact that a replacement knee was a foregone conclusion sooner rather than later.”

Mr. Thomas Nolan, Grenoble, France.

“I had a nagging pain in my left knee and it was really noticeable whenever I bent down or would start to do any sporting activities so basically I had to limit those activities to a serious degree. After one session, Anthony managed to identify the problem and after working on my knee I immediately noticed a huge improvement. I no longer had the pain and I could bend down and move more freely. I am looking forward to starting sports again. Very pleasant manner, very professional and obviously very expert too. I feel very lucky to have walked in the door of this practice.”

Mr. John O’Regan, Tramore, Co. Waterford.

“Before I met Anthony I never dealt with serious injuries. So when my injury was all of a sudden in a rugby match, I knew Anthony was the man to help me with rehab. Every week I saw improvements, he had me walking, jogging and playing again quicker than I thought I would be.My knowledge of injury prevention and rehab from Anthony has been a big change for me, as he talked me through rehabilitation and injury prevention every visit and it’s been a big help moving forward with my career. I’ve recommended Anthony to some of my friends with back pains from past injuries and they couldn’t believe how quick he gets everything back to the way it should be. I always felt I could ask any question that came to mind, which was a great help to me. Definitely one of the best out there.”

Ms. Gillian Quinn, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

“I was in constant pain. I found the simplest of tasks hard to do like holding a full kettle or holding my phone to my ear. It also affected my driving, as I was unable for long journeys. My sleep was affected as well. After beginning my treatment at Advance Physio I noticed a reduction of pain in my back. I was able to return to the gym and work, after being out for over two months. I wasn’t waking up in the nights anymore with pain. I am happy with the treatment I received. It was a quick recovery and fixed the problems I had previous to the accident. The treatment was very informative throughout.”

Ms. Janette Reid, Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny.

“I started going to Advance Physio with upper back pain and headaches that were making everyday life unbearable, since starting physio there I have very little discomfort and I am back to myself, would highly recommend them.”

Ms. Kathy Rolle, Waterford.

“Excellent experience in Advance Physio. I had issues with my knee and back which were extremely frustrating. I’m happy to say they are a lot better now. Anthony is thorough and really listens to the person’s needs. I suffer from migraines also and had one for 3/4 days and after telling Anthony he worked on my neck and I literally couldn’t believe the relief I had almost straight away. I would highly recommend Advance Physio. You won’t regret it.”

Ms. Mary Schneider, Tramore, Co. Waterford.

“There are three of us in my family who have attended Anthony Phelan in Advance Physio. 1. A 50-year-old male with long term back pain. Doctor said it was just wear and tear.
2. Myself aged 55 working as a care assistant. I really thought I was going to be forced to retire with pain & no sleep.
3. My 14-year-old daughter who had spinal surgery but still didn’t have full range of movement.
After attending Advance Physio, we have improved quality of life. Our daughter is now able to attend school and sit on a chair for periods and is now very active.
Myself – I now have increased energy due to getting sufficient sleep. No pain when working.
Husband after years of pain now has full movement and can even cut the grass.
None of us have ever attended physio before. Assessments and exercises given seemed very thorough. When we did attend, the sessions often appeared very short but amazingly, gradually they worked.
I would liken Anthony to a magician for the success we have had. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Advance Physio.”

Ms. Vera McDonald, Waterford.

“I have been with Anthony here for treatment for the past 12 weeks. On arrival my posture was off balance and I damaged my joints on the lower end of my spine. There were a lot of daily things I could not do. He took great care of me over this period of time and today my posture is really good. I have no more pain and doing daily tasks is great again. I would highly recommend Advance Physio Waterford.”

Ms. Laura Sinnott, Campile, Co. Wexford.

“Christmas Eve 2017 I injured my back, it was so painful that my mobility was affected, it was painful to walk, sit and bend. I run my own business so it was very important for me to get myself well as soon as possible. I called Advance Physio and was seen within days. An old injury, which had also been causing me pain, was discovered. After four weeks of gentle treatment I felt so much better, so much so that I could resume my exercise routine and work comfortably. After six weeks of treatment I felt better than I had in years. The treatment I received was gentle, effective and did not take up much of my time. My husband is currently attending Advance Physio for back pain and like myself is delighted with the results.”

Mr. Darrin Taylor, Tullogher, Co. Kilkenny.

“I was involved in a road traffic collision in May 2000, and I suffered ongoing chronic back and neck pain as a result. My pain became increasingly worse and worse through the end of 2017, and I made a new year's resolution to get good care and improve it as it was affecting my general wellness, sleep, and ability to work for sustained periods. Through word-of-mouth I heard about Advance Physio and Anthony, and I decided to give it a go. Over the years I have had many different types of pain management interventions and treatments, and many provided some bit of relief; however, Anthony's work with me has been transformative. Over a 4 week period, and through relatively gentle manipulation and some basic exercises on my part, my pain has almost disappeared, I'm sleeping much better and more consistently, and my posture and alignment have significantly improved. I highly recommend Advance Physio and Anthony to anyone - as a long-term pain sufferer I had become resigned to that being my lot, but Anthony took the time to explain new thinking and practices and was positive that he could make a difference. Anthony has certainly done that, and now that he has helped me to this point I look forward to continuing to attend each month to help sustain the improvements.”

Ms. Marguerite Twomey, Ferrybank, Waterford.

“I had a tingling in my right hand, making it hard to hold items e.g. phone, steering wheel. I woke up a few times at night with a pain in my elbow.Following treatments and exercises to do at home the tingling is gone and my grip has strengthened. I don’t experience my discomfort in my elbow any longer.Both Anthony & Kate are very professional and friendly. A great service is provided in a friendly and efficient manner at all times.”

Ms. Coriosa Walsh, Ferrybank, Waterford.

“Absolutely brilliant service and Anthony & Kate are so lovely to deal with. I couldn't recommend them more.”

Ms. Marianne Walsh, Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny.

“I’m a 22 year old nearly-qualified nursing student. All my life I’ve loved participating in sports, from camogie, badminton aswell as other outdoor activities. As any other ordinary student, I also enjoy going out with my friends.When I got injured, all of what I enjoyed doing, my work and all the usual household tasks became very difficult to do. I was in constant pain at work, being a nurse it’s a very physical occupation and the hours are long when you’re standing for at least 12 hours every shift. I had to resort to wearing a back brace for support as there were days where I couldn’t even bend down to pick something off the floor for a patient. With camogie and exercise, both were pretty much out of the question. I was in pain when walking so I knew myself that I would not be able to play sport for some time, which killed me. I was too sore to go places or go out with family and friends, even trying to do the normal everyday tasks were a struggle. There were days where I couldn’t move in bed as I was in so much pain, which also caused severe lack of sleep and discomfort. Life was pretty much miserable before I began my treatment at Advance Physio.
When I began my treatment at Advance Physio, I noticed positive changes nearly straight away. After one or two treatments I eased my way back into exercising and playing camogie. Although I still had to wear the support, I noticed I wasn’t in near as much pain as I had previously been. It wasn’t long after that that I got back playing with my club and was much happier.
As for work, work is still tough but that’s understandable with the hours I do. But I am in nowhere near as much pain as I had been in which is great. I am enjoying the remaining weeks of my training as opposed to the starting few, because I don’t have as much pain and my movement is better.
Life has been so much better; I can go out, go places with my boyfriend, family and friends and not have to worry about when the pain will start when I was out. There’s no problem with household tasks either anymore, overall my quality of life has improved greatly over a short few months.
My experience with Kate and Anthony were very positive. Both were very friendly and pleasant to deal with throughout the treatment, I would highly recommend Advance Physio if anyone suffers from any sort of back pain as the team will surely help you out like they did for me.”

Mr. Paul White, Waterford.

“I suffered very debilitating lower back pain since an injury when I was 16. A life of painkillers when the pain was too bad is no way to live. It blighted my life. The first treatment from Anthony and I floated out of the clinic. The pain has not returned. I sleep very well all night, I do not take painkillers, creams or gels. I have a more active and enjoyable life at home and work. Anthony is a genius without him I would be constantly suffering. He is very professional. It has been the easiest recovery from pain ever. Anthony does what he says. Very handy clinic location and very easy treatment. “

Mr. Daniel Yoder, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.

“My right arm was giving me a lot of pain, both when working and also at night trying to sleep. The pain gradually went away over the course of 5 treatments at Advance Physio. I appreciated the exercises that were recommended to help prevent future problems.”

Ms. Penny Nordell, Tramore, Co. Waterford

“The professionalism with which I was treated by Anthony and his receptionist Kate. I've been having treatment for my back and shoulder for some weeks now and am happy to report that I'm now pain free as a result of these treatments. The Clinic is absolutely clean with all Covid-19 precautions in place so it's a relaxing environment in which to be treated. I'm delighted to give Advance Physio a five star rating and urge anyone with back problems to give them a call. You won't regret it.”

Ms. Gemma Shanahan, Tramore, Co Waterford.

“Lovely calm relaxed practice. Very friendly and accommodating staff! I've been going to Anthony for a couple of weeks now with back and neck pain and have had huge improvements. It’s very clean and has all Covid-19 precautions in place. Easy to get to and good parking outside the door. I would highly recommend.”

Mr. Richard Lynch, Limerick.

“Anthony has been treating me for years and years. First in Limerick where he originally had his business and now in Waterford. Anthony is the best in the business. Not only did he treat me for ongoing back pain, he also treated my brother who is a plumber with a serious back injury, but also treated my elderly mother who had Parkinson's disease and had ongoing neck pain. She trusted Anthony implicitly as we all did. Anthony is an expert who is constantly working on his skills and his craft and takes great pride in doing so. He is an innovator when it comes to pain relief. I am so grateful for all he did for my mother and my family. Nothing is more important than taking away the pain of a loved one and his ongoing care, expertise and diligence was a huge sense of relief to my mother and our family. We will always be indebted to Anthony. A gent through and through. With thanks, The Lynch Family.”

Ms. Sarah Clohessy, Crecora, Co. Limerick

"I contacted Anthony when the treatment I had been receiving for a leg injury wasn't working. By the time Anthony saw me, I was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk, as the pain was so intense. I was really shocked when Anthony told me that I had a bone out of place in my ankle. My first session provided me with pain relief and I saw an immediate improvement even after one session. Anthony was able to sort my ankle out after a few sessions and I only need further treatments as and when required. From the very beginning, Anthony put me at ease, and I found him to be very professional, thorough, and pleasant to deal with and I was very happy with the treatment that I received. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony to my friends and family and I would definitely use him again in the future."

Ms. Jacquie Doyle, Meelick, Co. Clare

"Before meeting Anthony I had had two years of back problems, often unable to walk or stand for more than an hour without the aid of painkillers or some kind of physical support. I was 43 and at times felt like I was 70. I had always been very active and worst of all was the feeling that this was my future. I had tried everything and everybody possible, from GPs, to Physiotherapists, more exercise, less exercise and everything in between. After a particularly bad few weeks, I walked in to Anthony’s clinic unable to stand straight, with my right side completely collapsed over. I walked out of his clinic upright. After six sessions, at times and days that suited me and without needing to take time off work, I was pain free. I have not looked back. Any time I had an issue, Anthony saw me immediately but he worked with me over a period of time and slowly reversed all the damage I had done over the years. I have seen him for ‘maintenance’ as there is no way I am going back to where I came from. Not everyone takes this approach but I really recommend it. Now I can walk all day, every day if I want to, with no pain. I don’t even give it a second thought. And, for the times I go too far and do something silly, when I do need him, he is always there. The biggest thing for me, in addition to the treatment, is Anthony’s accessibility. He understands that when you are in pain, waiting for an appointment can mean putting your life on hold, which none of us like to do. This, in addition to his evening appointments, really sets him apart. Over the years many friends and family have also used Anthony and all have similar results."

Mr. Tom Barron, Corbally, Limerick

"I became aware of a constant and getting worse pain in my shoulder. I estimate that I had the condition for about two years and the pain was now chronic, and a lot of simple daily activities were unpleasant. Worse, the biggest impact was at night and was a constant source of interrupted sleep. Exhaustion and frustration ruled. Finally, after doing some research on my condition I decided that I was in bad need of physio. During this research I came across the clinic in whose information pack I recognised the injury and I had and more importantly - that despite the length of time I had ignored the injury in the hope that it would ”go away”, it could in fact be cured by physio. Overtime I noticed that the physio sessions were beginning to have results: A little less pain after each couple of sessions - Greater and improving movement span in my shoulder and most important, improved sleep. I find Anthony most helpful and accommodating and prepared to answer any questions, which the patient might have in relation to his/her condition. As a consequence I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in need of physio."

Mr. Keith O'Donoghue, Lisnagry, Co. Limerick

"A few months ago I attended Anthony with a number of injuries that had been troubling me for sometime. After a consultation, Anthony explained to me what the likely causes were. He treated me from that point, and within a very short time, I started to feel results in my back and neck that I knew were going to improve my everyday life. I had previously attended many physios and tried numerous other treatments that initially claimed to be the answer to all my problems, but after much money spent and lots of my valuable time wasted, I did not see any tangible results. I was beginning to feel that there was no possibility of improving on the situation until I started my treatment with Anthony. I have since made huge progress, and Anthony's very reasonable pricing and friendly and professional manner means that I will not hesitate to recommend him with the highest possible confidence into the future. Thanks Anthony for the great results !"

Mr. Mark McGarry, Old Cratloe Road, Limerick

"I visited Anthony after trying and being disappointed by many other practitioners. I was truly 100% satisfied with the outcome. Back pain was completely gone. Anthony himself is a gentleman, easy going and puts you straight at ease. Comfortable clinic too."

Ms. Mary Byrnes, Caherdavin, Limerick.

"I went to Anthony at his clinic in July 2011 with back pain. Anthony was very helpful and sorted out my back. When I needed him for help he was only a phone call away. I refer a lot of friends who found him very good. Thanks Anthony you are a back saviour."