Here are some testimonials from patients from our previous practice in Limerick.
We hope to update this page with testimonials from our new patients
in our Waterford practice soon.

Ms. Sarah Clohessy, Crecora, Co. Limerick

"I contacted Anthony when the treatment I had been receiving for a leg injury wasn't working. By the time Anthony saw me, I was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk, as the pain was so intense. I was really shocked when Anthony told me that I had a bone out of place in my ankle. My first session provided me with pain relief and I saw an immediate improvement even a er one session. Anthony was able to sort my ankle out a er a few sessions and I only need further treatments as and when required. From the very beginning, Anthony put me at ease, and I found him to be very professional, thorough, and pleasant to deal with and I was very happy with the treatment that I received. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony to my friends and family and I would definitely use him again in the future."

Mr. Alan Andrews, Raheen, Limerick

"I couldn't do any sort of training, and my knees were extremely painful. Some days I couldn't even walk in the mornings. My pain was so bad I had to take time o work. Now, a er treatment, I'm back running 40K a week and looking forward to competing in the Limerick Marathon this summer. Morning pains are gone, knees are strong and I don't have any hesitation putting them through their paces when I'm doing a workout. Found the service to be excellent. I was diagnosed quickly and understood my injury. Anthony is well informed and has a variety of physio treatments and a wealth of experience to use, which he does successfully. I have referred friends and they have all had equally positive experiences."

Ms. Marie Hogan, Ennis Road, Limerick

"Just a note to say thanks for making my back so good again. As you know the back pain was killing me. Also, my golf handicap has gone down!"

Ms. Nuala Flannery, Castletroy, Limerick

“My life had become restricted in many ways. I was dealing in severe pain in my joints and my upper and lower back. A er my first visit to the clinic I could feel that my joints were much freer. It was wonderful being able to enjoy projects again and it was great not having pain in my life. Anthony is a great physical therapist. He listens to his patients and treats them with respect, caring and kindness. I am so glad to have found Anthony and his clinic.”

Mr. Michael White, Corbally, Limerick

"A back sprain was diagnosed as “muscular” and a medical prescription for a pain treatment cream had limited effect as it became evident that a serious disability was developing further – spasms of severe pain became more frequent and less predictable and normal movement of waist and thighs became increasingly inflexible and painful. Severe and painful muscular spasms occurred when sitting down or getting up, even when stepping up or down at road crossings. Even getting out of bed was painful. My age (75 years) was obviously a very significant factor and I was very worried that I might not be curable from what had become a very significant handicap. The first glimmer of understanding was provided to me when reading the very well-presented and specific information given on the clinic website. I soon was made aware that my delay in obtaining appropriate treatment had led from a simple dislocation of a hip bone to a significant displacement of my spinal column and the other hip as well. Treatment and a programme of special exercises 3-times daily gradually began to ease the discomfort and encourage me to hope to resume a normal lifestyle. My impatience caused me to have several relapses which Mr Phelan kindly and sympathetically explained to me as quite normal and the good treatment again continued, had good effect over a few months’ time. A lot of patience and very good and clear professional understanding finally has produced excellent restoration of normal ability to function, for which I am very indebted to Mr Anthony Phelan. 75 years old, I was potentially crippled for life 3 months ago. Now, I feel many years younger and go to the gym 4 times a week and walk freely, have been able to resume writing my life story on my computer now that I can sit for more than half-an-hour at a time without pain! Without the calm perseverance and professional understanding and clear guidance provided in good measure by Anthony, such an incredibly positive outcome could not ever have been possible!"

Ms. Eileen Treacy, Raheen, Limerick

"I struggled for a long time with knee pain and had almost resigned to living with it. I also su ered from pains in my feet. Anthony identified the problem and treated me accordingly. I haven’t felt this good in years and am so thankful to him for his great work. I did the Camino walk a few months ago without an ache or a pain. I can hardly believe it ! Anthony is professional and very committed and I would recommend him to anyone requiring treatment."

Ms. Jacquie Doyle, Meelick, Co. Clare

"Before meeting Anthony I had had two years of back problems, often unable to walk or stand for more than an hour without the aid of painkillers or some kind of physical support. I was 43 and at times felt like I was 70. I had always been very active and worst of all was the feeling that this was my future. I had tried everything and everybody possible, from GPs, to Physiotherapists, more exercise, less exercise and everything in between. After a particularly bad few weeks, I walked in to Anthony’s clinic unable to stand straight, with my right side completely collapsed over. I walked out of his clinic upright. After six sessions, at times and days that suited me and without needing to take time off work, I was pain free. I have not looked back. Any time I had an issue, Anthony saw me immediately but he worked with me over a period of time and slowly reversed all the damage I had done over the years. I have seen him for ‘maintenance’ as there is no way I am going back to where I came from. Not everyone takes this approach but I really recommend it. Now I can walk all day, every day if I want to, with no pain. I don’t even give it a second thought. And, for the times I go too far and do something silly, when I do need him, he is always there. The biggest thing for me, in addition to the treatment, is Anthony’s accessibility. He understands that when you are in pain, waiting for an appointment can mean putting your life on hold, which none of us like to do. This, in addition to his evening appointments, really sets him apart. Over the years many friends and family have also used Anthony and all have similar results."

Mr. Tom Barron, Corbally, Limerick

"I became aware of a constant and getting worse pain in my shoulder. I estimate that I had the condition for about two years and the pain was now chronic, and a lot of simple daily activities were unpleasant. Worse, the biggest impact was at night and was a constant source of interrupted sleep. Exhaustion and frustration ruled. Finally, after doing some research on my condition I decided that I was in bad need of physio. During this research I came across the clinic in whose information pack I recognised the injury and I had and more importantly - that despite the length of time I had ignored the injury in the hope that it would ”go away”, it could in fact be cured by physio. Overtime I noticed that the physio sessions were beginning to have results: A little less pain a er each couple of sessions - Greater and improving movement span in my shoulder and most important, improved sleep. I find Anthony most helpful and accommodating and prepared to answer any questions, which the patient might have in relation to his/her condition. As a consequence I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in need of physio."

Mr. Keith O'Donoghue, Lisnagry, Co. Limerick

"A few months ago I attended Anthony with a number of injuries that had been troubling me for sometime. A er a consultation, Anthony explained to me what the likely causes were. He treated me from that point, and within a very short time, I started to feel results in my back and neck that I knew were going to improve my everyday life. I had previously attended many physios and tried numerous other treatments that initially claimed to be the answer to all my problems, but a er much money spent and lots of my valuable time wasted, I did not see any tangible results. I was beginning to feel that there was no possibility of improving on the situation until I started my treatment with Anthony. I have since made huge progress, and Anthony's very reasonable pricing and friendly and professional manner means that I will not hesitate to recommend him with the highest possible confidence into the future. Thanks Anthony for the great results !"

Mr. Mark McGarry, Old Cratloe Road, Limerick

"I visited Anthony a er trying and being disappointed by many other practitioners. I was truly 100% satisfied with the outcome. Back pain was completely gone. Anthony himself is a gentleman, easy going and puts you straight at ease. Comfortable clinic too."

Ms. Mary Byrnes, Caherdavin, Limerick.

"I went to Anthony at his clinic in July 2011 with back pain. Anthony was very helpful and sorted out my back. When I needed him for help he was only a phone call away. I refer a lot of friends who found him very good. Thanks Anthony you are a back saviour."